Saturday, December 12, 2009

A long December

Here's the deal, the captain has abandoned the ship, and so must I? Random questions are no stranger to my complex mind, and most of the time, I don't even owe an answer, or do I?

So, what has been circulating for the past, 7 or 8 months? LIFE!! The moment we open our eyes, there it goes, until shut em' and hopefully, if we're fortunate enough, which evidently most of us are blessed, open our eyes again the next day, and add another chapter to life.

People often said to me, my life is fun, my life is full of adventure. But I always said to them, I'm a boring person, I'm hardly excited, and for a heartless boring person, yours truly, I have plenty to digest in a day.

So bitches. . . and sweet padawan... None of you misses me, which I'm not surprised either. How I know? Well, I'm never in any of you BFF list, for starter, and its always have to be me to show an effort, why can't we switched role for a change. Change is hard to comprehend? Hum hum hum. . . Well, I should know, coz when my dad took away my sleeping partner, my black eyed bear, it took me a week mourning and feeling empty, and I was 5! So, I guess trading role are rather too absurd or too foreign, that must be it. I remember way back, when I was in one of the local college, I had an evening nap and turn up to an accounting class really late, to my surprised I was earliest, and when the class finally filling in and about to start, I noticed none of my friends were around, so I said to myself, I don't wear accessories everyday, I still look divine. Only then, when I was having that interlude monologue in my mind, the lecturer started blabbing in Chinese, and I was actually in an Advance Mandarin class. So, I stayed awhile, coz didn't want to make it look obvious. Although, the victory that I celebrated in my mind for being early earlier (hey isn't that mind boggling, early, earlier.. he was early, but i'm earlier; another monologue sprung moment) gives me natural high for nano-second. Why am I telling yous vain society, this story?? Well, up your ass too =p

Anyho, so its the month of December, and every December since my adolescent years, I felt as if the month is crawling annoyingly. You know when they say time flies? Well not this month. It felt as if like the whole year is condensed into one month. I feel emotionally rebuffed, not in a good way. Owh, and I've been missing physical contact too, if you know what I mean. Maybe thats why. Anyho, to all you bitches and son of a gun, celebrating your birthday this month, dare to go around in your birthday suit? Talking about looking good naked, ada brani? =p
I find its rather interesting I mean, hear me out, to all those december babies, its like you're either a year older or younger, I mean definitely younger than everyone in the same born year, but somehow older than everyone from the same age, am I making any sense? Just something random and non-exclusive for that matter.

Owh, I haven't felt this for many many years, but I miss home! There I've said it. I miss summer all year long, although the humidity might not agree with my grooming regime . . . i still walk it baby!

OK, I'm done for now . . . a long december and there's reason to believe, maybe. . .

ciao ciao


p/s:sometimes I feel like you should hand me a mic and I should make a speech, but no lights, just darkness. . . dark is quirker, darker is timeless, but darkest hanya nampak gigi?


Gege said...

Miss u! And yes to give speech in darkness, thats so fetch!

ZeonZone said...

just a personal note is that pic from the opening for viktor and rolf spring summer 2010?

idealistic love