Saturday, December 12, 2009

A long December

Here's the deal, the captain has abandoned the ship, and so must I? Random questions are no stranger to my complex mind, and most of the time, I don't even owe an answer, or do I?

So, what has been circulating for the past, 7 or 8 months? LIFE!! The moment we open our eyes, there it goes, until shut em' and hopefully, if we're fortunate enough, which evidently most of us are blessed, open our eyes again the next day, and add another chapter to life.

People often said to me, my life is fun, my life is full of adventure. But I always said to them, I'm a boring person, I'm hardly excited, and for a heartless boring person, yours truly, I have plenty to digest in a day.

So bitches. . . and sweet padawan... None of you misses me, which I'm not surprised either. How I know? Well, I'm never in any of you BFF list, for starter, and its always have to be me to show an effort, why can't we switched role for a change. Change is hard to comprehend? Hum hum hum. . . Well, I should know, coz when my dad took away my sleeping partner, my black eyed bear, it took me a week mourning and feeling empty, and I was 5! So, I guess trading role are rather too absurd or too foreign, that must be it. I remember way back, when I was in one of the local college, I had an evening nap and turn up to an accounting class really late, to my surprised I was earliest, and when the class finally filling in and about to start, I noticed none of my friends were around, so I said to myself, I don't wear accessories everyday, I still look divine. Only then, when I was having that interlude monologue in my mind, the lecturer started blabbing in Chinese, and I was actually in an Advance Mandarin class. So, I stayed awhile, coz didn't want to make it look obvious. Although, the victory that I celebrated in my mind for being early earlier (hey isn't that mind boggling, early, earlier.. he was early, but i'm earlier; another monologue sprung moment) gives me natural high for nano-second. Why am I telling yous vain society, this story?? Well, up your ass too =p

Anyho, so its the month of December, and every December since my adolescent years, I felt as if the month is crawling annoyingly. You know when they say time flies? Well not this month. It felt as if like the whole year is condensed into one month. I feel emotionally rebuffed, not in a good way. Owh, and I've been missing physical contact too, if you know what I mean. Maybe thats why. Anyho, to all you bitches and son of a gun, celebrating your birthday this month, dare to go around in your birthday suit? Talking about looking good naked, ada brani? =p
I find its rather interesting I mean, hear me out, to all those december babies, its like you're either a year older or younger, I mean definitely younger than everyone in the same born year, but somehow older than everyone from the same age, am I making any sense? Just something random and non-exclusive for that matter.

Owh, I haven't felt this for many many years, but I miss home! There I've said it. I miss summer all year long, although the humidity might not agree with my grooming regime . . . i still walk it baby!

OK, I'm done for now . . . a long december and there's reason to believe, maybe. . .

ciao ciao


p/s:sometimes I feel like you should hand me a mic and I should make a speech, but no lights, just darkness. . . dark is quirker, darker is timeless, but darkest hanya nampak gigi?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Once upon a time (Part deux)

Once upon a time, once upon a time…
Once upon a time there was a young prince living in a tower. He was left all by himself because they told him he has been a really bad boy. He does not know what he did that was bad. So he stayed all by himself not knowing what is right and what is not…

Once upon a time, there was a boy outcaste by his very own people, the community he inhabit. Everyone said he was an overbearing, backstabbing and dangerous soul, disguise in a pleasant and mysterious persona, but they could see right through him anyway, or so the word goes around. He went about his everyday duty without knowing what they thought of him, all along he just accepted himself as not worthy to those people to get acknowledge. Until one day, the words get to him…

Once upon a time, there was a sinner (the kind of most of you wish you are, but too scared to admit), resting in his sanctuary place just like he usually does at the end of a very long-winded day. Just as he was about to fall asleep, he received a phone call, reminding him of how his unconscious search for something true was manipulated. When he hung up, he look at the moon so bright in that cold spring night, and the memory of that cold winter night where he turn his back on the people he used to loved flashes back, one person at a time. Is there regret? Of course, but what is done is done…

Once upon a time, once upon a time.. Once upon a time a child was born in a perfect life. He should grow into a dandy young man and make great things for himself and have a lot to offer to his community. Then everything change in his adolescent years. He was dead for a very long time. Once upon a time, that is all it was now. Until one day, the dead rise and…
(screams echo fade)
To be continued…


Thursday, February 12, 2009

I wanna fly...

Check out this Sisley ad campaign.
And yes, relapse time is the best sport for chasing the dragon, wanna race me? lets do lines!
And fuck you self-righteous wannabe twats!

p/s: if i do not post in the next 3 days, alert the authority


Monday, February 2, 2009

snow flakes... stop, for my fashion sake!

so, ok, its kinda cute when it started snowing 8 hours ago, but now it has been snowing profusely since then, like, what am I going to wear for class tomoz? I don't actually have any outfits that are functional in the thick snow, I blame my shopping priorities on focusing the outlook rather than functional purpose, damn I should get that Maharishi jacket last month. Anyho, I was watching BBC earlier, and it said it will be snowing till tuesday, and they reported that the last time central London covered with blankets of snow was 13 years ago (and they say we are facing global warming, never ever trust the weather guy). So, this just in bitches, central London is snowing!


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fucked up pronoun...

They say that there are signs everywhere, on the billboard, from a stranger face, by a peculiar sound, taste or smell; we just have to rely on our senses. Evidently it all gathers and send a signal to our heart which later our mind actively ponder. In the beginning we often feel alive and pure jolt of excitement whenever we let a person into our life, mind you, letting a person in our life is a brave thing to do. Those moments are the one keep repeating on our mind when it’s over, making it hard to let go or rather making truce within us.

They say, as the bond grows, it is best to make it official, on that piece of paper, letting the whole world know that we are official. so that we can securely say ‘us’, instead of ‘me’ and ‘you’.

Why? Because us would stay together no matter what, we are joined together, spiritually, physically, legally, in everyone eye’s and God will, so us become pure, and for something that come from the best intention, will truly be blessed. When ‘me’ and ‘you’ become ‘us’, it is the start of something new, ‘us’ are more than worthy, ‘us’ is the transition for embarking the beautiful journey life has got to offer. Even when the day goes darker, when the rain begins to fall and when the road went detour, there will always be us and together we can face the ruthless change. If fate decided to separate us one day, you and me know, that we have once become us and it’s a lot easier to let go when we were once complete.

Sadly, not everyone was blessed to become ‘us’. So ‘you’ and ‘me’ depart and the memories remained are those in the beginning till the point that it didn’t get to be us. And it is hard because we were never complete. So for my fellow members of the vain society that were never complete, my prayers goes to you that one day you will be given the chance to be US…


Saturday, January 31, 2009

Introducing... Avant-Garde

Hola bitches!

Lemme start with explaining why I'm moving towards an "avant-garde" (common misspellings: avant garde) approach. Of course by all means I have to be able to transcend that approach within my capability, and therefore, it shall be presented in the form of pictures. Thus, I would try to inject those element in the pictures I shall upload in here, for my pleasure and yours, hopefully we can pretend (I'm sorry this word is offensive) to be happy.

I know most of you might think or at least have doubt on my academic talent or rather lack of it, after all, I am vain, and if you're reading this, so as you, but anyway, I would certainly endure the meaning of the word, avant-garde; used in a broad sense, avant-garde refers to any trailblazing movement — usually artistic or social — led by a small group of people to open new doors within their realm of interest. Specifically, avant-garde refers to a moment within the art world which encompasses many schools and sub-movements. Naturally, as it should come as no surprise, the essence of this avant-garde movement should be apart of our vanity attribute, after all we're vain and we have the tendency to appreciate beauty beyond them 'commoner' eye's.

I would like to elaborate more on the concept I have grasp, but fuck it, I'm lazy, I have important matter to attend to in real life, so I'll get back to that. So, here is an example of an editorial avant-garde by Vogue, Paris-February 2009 issue, and style by Marie Amelie Sauve.

My thoughts on the scene: Notice the man in the uniform holding an imaginary gun? Coz it reflected in the silhouette, a gun form. Could he be a magician, making it invincible but it is still there as the traces prove otherwise? I think he's like a wizard cops or something, trying to arrest a really bad warlock. The warlock actually murdered the bitch and have been performing some kind of sexual re-enactment with her body, she's probably dead a day or two, judging by her color.
Its kinda interesting how my mind goes along with the scene, dramatic aside, I think the picture is trying to sell make-up for men, purely based on the lively glow and some 'pow' of their skin, as supposed to the bitch corpse.

What does your twisted mind tells you? Come on, you can be sexual if you want too, after all sex is our everyday conversations, anyway, my sex life? Stagnant. Lemme know of any fresh role-playing while you use that brain of yours to be creative.

Take 5 crazy/beautiful


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

SIMPLE.. part uno

ssup bitches n cunts, boys n girls, ladies and assholes.
miss me? of course not, but hey, lestweforget (figure that out)

anyway, u know like in most days, we, generation tend to be paying attention, even to the tiniest details, appearance wise that is, for instance, i only do dolcegabbana undies and accessories (lets not get me started with the whole 411) & chanel sport allure for my signature scent. the vain side have the empowering hunger to be satisfied, most days. then again, as you fuckers know or not know, i do have a simple side, i would say, more sentimental and perhaps a glimpse of empathy. u know, like a good pair of jeans and a plain white t-shirt, simple and never went out of style. the concept here is, that the simple thing is in away a part of me, it has always been, but i don't really share that part.

so, because this is the first part, i'm not going to share it yet, we have other part for that, as it is now, noted that i can be simple, and loving it too. tata now.

p/s:i love the new 'peace' d&g collections, in case u wonder what to get me for xmas =)

Ad Campaign: Dolce & Gabbana
Collection: Pre-Fall 07
Models:Shannan Click, Adam Senn, Chad White
Photographer: Steven Klein
More at Dolce & Gabanna official website

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

filthy & gorgeous

Carefree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So bahagiaaaaaaaa (my 1st malay word)
yours truly & Miul, escorting sloppy Ayie :P

Laterz crazy/beautiful, stay sane!


Friday, March 7, 2008

Why GLadiator?

Ok, so, I have yearn to upload the most appropriate theme for the vain society. And finally, after looking back into my pictures file, of course with the help from iphoto, without any more doubt and further delays, I have decided the theme should be one character from the history, back when the Roman empire was ever so proud and majestic, even we, thevainsociety, are familiar with.

So, why Gladiator? Why not? Well, you see I have previously uploaded this picture back in one of my posting, as I feel that this picture has 1001 interpretations. Personally, I feel for a Gladiator to fight in that kind of outfit, that's hot! Sadly, it was not a battle for the sake of reigning victory, it was not a battle fought to escalate an empire, it was a battle for survival, it was the battle for them, the Gladiator, for their very own life! And the irony for that, is non other, for entertainment purpose! imagine, for a powerful empire, once upon a time (that bitch!) perception of fun was to cheer at a bunch of people hardest attempt just to stay alive, the balance for life and death was fun? How fuck up is that?

The world was so fuck up then, and still is now. Only now, there are logical excuses for every single fuckfiesta committed. Or the current reasonable statement would be, trying to balance between right and wrong. We can be right, so as we could be wrong. But what is in between? Are we trying to get away for being wrong or ridiculed others when we're right? So stay in between, just in case. Albeit so masked, the truth is still brutally FUCK!

We are the vain society, could bitch and moan about how life got turned upside down and how we hate life, but would it be any difference? Yes, it would be entertaining but wasteful nonetheless. But that's what we all want. It’s actually what makes the world go round contrary to the belief that it is candy canes, rainbows and chocolates. We feed on misery. Our own and particularly that of others. We would never admit it but we all delight ourselves in juicy morsels of someone else's tragedy. Like it is said, "If you light yourself on fire, the world would pay to watch you burn." So, bitches & SOBs, got a light?

p/s: Personal Message To A Centered Self
Get over yourself! My world does not revolve around you!


So, once upon a time, in history, there was a civilized empire, continuously growing powerful, was feared by the entire world civilization, in short they were the greatest. The triumph and homogeneous proclaimed had in return, seize life.

idealistic love